Please join us for ‘Coffee and Conversation’
Thursdays,  10:00 am.-10:45 am  Please feel welcome to join us in the hall for an informal time of just visiting (not to mention coffee, tea, and snacks).                               

United Downtown Outreach -new list April 2022
Please donate Only items on this List. Clothing must be in very good
condition (or new). Socks and underwear must be new.

Razors/shaving cream, new socks, new underwear for men/women, tampons, toiletries,  McDonald’s/Tim Horton’s gift card ($5, $10),   shampoo,  men’s track pants/ sweat pants (no other clothing at this time.) Twin size blankets/fitted sheets (no flat sheets), bar soap, towels.   Please put them in the box outside Fran’s office.

   Thank you for your gifts for this place where Christ lives.