United Downtown Outreach -new list April 2022
Please donate Only items on this List. Clothing must be in very good
condition (or new). Socks and underwear must be new.
Razors/shaving cream, new socks, new underwear for men and women,
tampons, combs/hairbrushes, tooth brushes, McDonald’s/Tim Horton’s
gift card ($5, $10), shampoo, men’s track pants/ sweat pants (no other
clothing at this time), blankets (no duvets, quilts, afghans), twin size
blankets/fitted sheets (no flat sheets), bar soap, towels.
Please place them in the box outside Fran’s office.
Thank you for your gifts to this place where Christ lives.

Worship Committee Meeting Tuesday, March 29th, 10:00 am

Annual General Meeting Sunday, April 24th, following a brief
worship service. There won’t be a potluck lunch, just coffee/tea/cookies.
Reports due by March 31st… please forward them to Fran. Thank you.

Happy Spring! Spring Sale- Saturday, May 21st
It will be a busy, but fun-fund-raiser. We will need everybody’s help. (You
and/or someone you know ) We will be gathering items such as jewelry,
and household items that are in very good shape (no clothing.)
Items can be brought -as soon as possible- to the classroom previously rented
by the “Spirit of Math” school.
Closer to the time, we will require plants, crafts, (jam) and baking.
May 21st is only 8 weeks away! Thank you.