Volunteer Needed – To take over the duties of the Sunshine Convener and the Librarian


Our Library  has received many new books! The library is in the Fireside Room, on the far wall. We will have a display very soon.  In the meantime, do come in and browse.

First United Church Current Needs

First United will not be collecting any more donations until later in 2020.

  • Winter coats, winter gloves, toques, scarves, men and women’s underwear
  • Blankets, raincoats
  • Feminine products
  • Towels, bar soap, band-aids, razors, polysporin, tooth brushes, denture care
  • deodorant, combs, hairbrushes, shampoo, sewing kits, reading glasses
  • McDonalds and Tim Horton’s gift cards ($5)
  • Place your gifts in the box outside the church office.